About Us

Poke Merch Market is run by two lifelong Pokemon nerds, Ghost & Kallen. Growing up, both of us remember watching Pokemon the anime on Saturday mornings, playing the original Pokemon video games on our game boys, and playing with our Base Set Pokemon cards in the dirt on the playground. We started pursuing Pokemon as a full time job in August 2020 as Pokemon TCG breakers. We've since fully transitioned to merch vendors, both online and at conventions.



GHOST (he/him)

Favorite Pokemon: Eevee, Gengar, Shinx
Favorite Type: Ghost Type
Likes: Video games, spreadsheets, spicy food
Roles: Inventory Manager, Business Spreadsheet Wizard, Customer Service

KALLEN (she/her)

Favorite Pokemon: Wailord, Centiskorch, Tyranitar, Jolteon
Favorite Type: Electric Type
 Frogs, anime, plushies, cosplay
Roles: Website & Digital Design, Fulfillment, Social Media, Self Designated Plushie Inspector