The BariBari Team

Introducing the Pokemon BariBari brand! There are three main pieces of BariBari, covering all things Japanese cards, English cards, and Pokemon merch.


  • Hosted by Ashley & Ginkgo
  • Streams live from Japan
  • Japanese Pokemon card live breaks & claim sales
  • Founded in 2017

Pokmeon BariBari Japan is the founding piece of the BariBari brand. BariBari Japan was founded in 2017, originally offering live Pokemon pack breaks on Facebook Live. Eventually the brand became too big for Facebook, so they moved to a new, full store website ( and now host their live pack breaks on Twitch, where they still stream today. Ashley is the founder and face of all things BariBari, and she is now joined by her husband Ginkgo, who specializes in the technical aspects and assists on stream.

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  • Hosted by Kallen & Ghost
  • Streams live from the USA
  • English Pokemon card live breaks
  • Founded in 2020

Where BariBari Japan specializes in Japanese Pokemon cards, BariBari USA was created later to cover all things English cards. Ashley invited her cousin, Kallen, and Kallen's boyfriend Ghost, to be the English half of the BariBari brand. Kallen and Ghost stream live breaks from Utah, USA. BariBari USA was founded in August of 2020.

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The BariBari Market is run by the BariBari USA team. BariBari USA's main focus is live English Pokemon pack breaks, but they have also recently expanded into selling at live events like conventions. BariBari Market is the brand name used for in person events, and also the companion website for the items sold at these events. If you missed us at an event, catch up with us here!