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Aqua Bottle Collection | Pokemon Blind Box

Aqua Bottle Collection | Pokemon Blind Box

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Aqua Bottle Collection - Pokemon Blind Box by Re-Ment

Includes one sealed blind box figure from the Pokemon Aqua Bottle Collection blind box set.

Take a deep dive into the oceans of the Pokemon universe with the Aqua Bottle Collection. Each bottle is like looking at a unique snapshot of an underwater world. Swim along solo with Milotic, Vaporeon and Wailord. Or, visit with friends Corsola & Finneon, Chinchou & Omanyte, and Pikachu & Manaphy.

This Pokemon Blind Box set is made by Re-Ment and was released in 2022.

What are Blind Boxes?

Blind boxes are small Pokemon figurines with a mystery element added in. Each figure is packaged and sealed in a way that keeps the contents hidden. Most series have 4-8 total variants.

If you choose a sealed box, you won't know which variant you receive until you open it!

Note about specific figures:

If you select a specific figure, the outer box will be opened to identify the contents (however the figure will still be sealed in plastic wrap within the box). The box may also come with a white sticker label with the name of the character(s) adhered to the top flap. We add this label to help us identify and process your order much faster. 

If you opt for a mystery figure, the box and all contents will remain sealed and unmarked.

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