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Pokemon Forest 7 | Pokemon Blind Box

Pokemon Forest 7 | Pokemon Blind Box

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Pokemon Forest 7: Weather Tree - Pokemon Blind Box by Re-Ment

Includes one blind box figure from the Pokemon Forest 7: Weather Tree blind box set.

This set features a stackable tree base with a variety of Pokemon sitting in the branches. Each figure comes with their own base so you can display each piece individually, or multiple pieces stacked as one tree. The tree topper features Latias with a rainbow and clouds. A variety of weather symbols and small clouds decorate most pieces. With this set on display, talking about the weather just became much more interesting!

This Pokemon Blind Box set is made by Re-Ment and was released in 2022.

What are Blind Boxes?

Blind boxes are small Pokemon figurines, originally with a mystery element added in. Each figure is packaged in a way that keeps the contents hidden. Most series have 4-8 total variants.

Instead of relying on luck to find the figure you want, we've gone ahead and identified each figure available. Remove the guesswork and select the characters you love, right from the start.

Note about packaging:

Because our blind boxes are identified, we open the outer box to confirm the contents (the figure inside will still be sealed in plastic). The box may also come with a white sticker label with the name of the character(s) adhered to the top flap. We add this label to help us track and process your order much faster. 

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