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Terrarium Collection 13 | Pokemon Blind Box

Terrarium Collection 13 | Pokemon Blind Box

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Pokemon Figure

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Terrarium Collection 13 - Pokemon Blind Box by Re-Ment

Includes one blind box figure from the Pokemon Terrarium Collection 13 blind box set.

Terrarium Collection 13 brings another round of Pokemon favorites! Featuring the clear Poke Ball terrarium design with various Pokemon scenes inside. You could find the rarely featured Aron, or maybe the legendary Latias. Don't forget about Jolteon in a big stretch, or Oshawott relaxing in the sunset. Which one is your favorite?

This Pokemon Blind Box set is made by Re-Ment and was released in 2023.

Note about specific figures

If you select a specific figure, the outer box will be opened to identify the contents. (However the figure will still be sealed in plastic wrap within the box) If you opt for a mystery figure, the box and all contents will remain sealed.

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